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Beat the competition 200% with professional design by a Japanese Web Graphic Design Services Company

Did you know that design-led companies consistently outperformed the FTSE 100 Index – London Stock Exchange – by a full 200% over a 10 year period?

Source: Design Council

Companies that invest in quality, marketing driven web site & graphic design are making a smart investment decision that boosts their bottom line.

Invest in Marketing Driven Web & Graphic Design to Enjoy Greater Success in the Japanese Market

We focus exclusively on the Japan market. Therefore, our knowledge of Japanese culture, language and the local business market is unparalleled.

Promoting your business with marketing driven design solutions will establish a relevant identity for the Japan market that:

  • Boosts your sales
  • Gains long-term brand recognition
  • Provides a healthy Return On Investment (ROI)

Japanese design is most effective when the tone and style reflects cultural sensitivities and sensibilities. In order to compel and motivate Japanese target audiences, it's essential that your design materials are created by professional native Japanese graphic & web designers with the right skills and experience.

We ensure this happens, working closely with you every step of the way so you're guaranteed design that establishes a relevant identity for the market place. With this simple but effective formula, we've developed a proven track record of success and a long list of satisfied clients.

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  • When seeking artistic and technical assistance for the redesign and databasing of my online dictionary site, an initial consultation with SAECULII YK left me impressed by the company's professional manner. After confirming precisely what I wanted to accomplish via the site redesign, the company drew up a thorough and detailed plan for accomplishing my goals, and took a flexible attitude where I suggested amendments. Once we had hammered out a development plan, I was kept informed of developments at every well-defined stage, and all my questions received prompt and full answers.

    SAECULII YK brought this highly complex project to completion on time, within budget, and to my complete satisfaction. For others considering professional assistance for site design or redesign, and especially for those who require technical expertise in multiple languages, I highly recommend SAECULII YK.”

    Lawrence J. Howell
    (Kotoba Projects, Osaka)

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